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Give your kitchen a new look with these great kitchen renovation tips

The kitchen is the heart of almost every home. It’s where family members officially start their day, where meals are prepared, where kids do their homework, and where everyone gathers in the evening to talk about their day.

By giving your kitchen a new look, you’ll be creating a better atmosphere for your home’s central hub, which will boost everyone’s mood and make day-to-day activities more enjoyable. 

Here are a few great ways to update your kitchen:

Repaint dated kitchen cabinets

Any large or small kitchen design can be enhanced with some basic skills, fresh paint, and new cabinet hardware. Consider using white or neutral tones to create a sophisticated, modern look.

Install open shelves

Instead of conventional upper cabinets, install open shelves for your kitchen, which can serve as a display space and can make small kitchens feel more spacious. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to install open shelves, just position them at standard upper-cabinet height, with the lowest shelf at least 18 inches above the counter.

Create a cozy breakfast nook

Transform this underused corner into a multipurpose nook for working, reading, or simply enjoying snacks and a cup of coffee. You can even add extra storage space if possible, and be sure to accessorize with plenty of pillows to make the area more comfortable.

Update your kitchen floors

If you’re aiming for a total kitchen makeover, your floors are a good place to start. Two excellent materials to use for kitchen floors are vinyl and glazed ceramic tile, as they’re both easy to clean, durable, and can have that classic look of hardwood. You can also opt to use them on the wall to create a rustic-looking backsplash.

Create a built-in appliance “garage”

In case you entertain guests in your kitchen often, you can instantly make your countertops look cleaner and more organized by creating a built-in storage space for frequently used appliances. This little spot can also serve as a prep station, baking center, or a coffee nook.

Add some flair with a nice tile backsplash

Sprucing up your kitchen prep area with a tile backsplash is a smart design choice that can add function and visual appeal. You can even have some fun and let your creativity flow by designing a pattern that works with your kitchen’s overall look.

Introduce greenery

Don’t have the space for your own greenhouse or garden at home? You can use your kitchen to start your own mini plant collection instead. This is a terrific way for you to exercise your green thumb and add a natural touch to liven up your kitchen. You can even create a truly functional indoor garden by using herbs!

Conceal the pantry

If your pantry is essentially kitchen cabinets that are just out in the open, consider installing a sliding door to conceal the spot and add new depth. This will make your kitchen look more sophisticated and tidier as well.

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