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Lynn M. Sterling

Lynn M. Sterling
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
As a real estate advisor, customer satisfaction is all that matters. If my clients are happy, they’ll refer me to their friends and my business grows. It’s a win-win relationship. To be a successful Real Estate Salesperson, your #1 priority must always be the client.” Within the last few years alone, I have helped many sales and rental clients find the perfect home in the New York area making their transitions as seamless as possible. “Buying, selling, and renting a new home can be stressful. I make sure to relieve that burden for my clients by going above & beyond at every step in the process. Sometimes this leads to long nights and early mornings, but it’s worth it when you see your clients experience a sense of relief and satisfaction.” Prior to real estate, I spent 20+ years in the relationship business as the Director of Women seminars. I lead leadership seminars for women and also worked with Phillip Morris and Katz media in Marketing Research.