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Bruce Phillips

Bruce Phillips
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
I was born and raised in Westhampton, NY. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Georgia, one of my majors being Genetics, I returned home to work in our family business. We owned a duck farm, and with my background, I was in charge of the Hatchery. This involved producing a certain numbers of ducklings every 28 days, and by the mid 1970’s we hatched over a million ducklings a year. They were then shipped to farms locally, nationally and world wide. After the duck business, I owned and operated the Corn Crib, a retail produce stand, which was known for its high end fruits and vegetables, but mainly for its outstandingly delicious, spit-roasted chickens, whole turkey breasts and, of course, crispy ducks. In 1997, I entered into the real estate business as salesperson and soon after earned my Broker’s License. I also entered into a real estate partnership for two years. In 2002, I was given the opportunity to become an Associate Broker at Kerrigan Country Realty, where I proudly remain, and work as a team with my wife, Elaine Bernstein, a real estate salesperson.