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5 Features Buyers Look for in Luxury Homes

Luxury homebuyers share certain preferences in home features, whether they’re looking to buy a property that matches their needs or simply have a taste for the finer things in life. If you want to give yourself an edge in selling your home at the Hamptons, take note of these five features luxury buyers are looking for today.

  1. Desirable location
  2. Location is one of the top things that define a luxury property. Some high-end buyers prefer a prestigious address, while others look for gorgeous views and great access to their lifestyle choices. A home in the Hamptons can certainly provide all these, especially for people who love living near the water. Show off your property’s views and nearby attractions, and highlight the area’s relaxing lifestyle to give your listing maximum appeal.

  3. Latest home technology
  4. What could be more luxurious than utmost convenience? If you haven’t done yet, consider installing smart home features to catch the attention of potential buyers. This could range from voice-activated appliances and lights to self-opening doors and blinds. Not only do these features provide ultimate convenience, they also promote energy-efficiency. Many high-end homebuyers look for green technology, as well, such as solar energy systems, radiant flooring, small wind turbines, and others.

  5. Reasonable pricing
  6. Luxury homes tend to be highly priced by nature, but avoid the impulse to sell for more than what’s reasonable on the market. The number of homes available in the Hamptons right now offers buyers a great selection and attracts a lot of interested parties. But if you look at the figures closely, you’ll notice a common thread running through properties that stay on the market the longest – unrealistic seller expectations on price. Keep your asking price as close to its valuation as possible. Consult your Realtor on how to determine the best price for your home.

  7. Detailed storage space
  8. A more expansive home naturally provides more space. However, there’s a difference between having a spacious bedroom and having enough places where you can organize and tuck things out of sight. Too many objects left in the open create a sense of clutter and even claustrophobia. Expanding your closets or adding more storage where there’s both space and a need can make your home more attractive to high-end buyers.

  9. Privacy and exclusivity
  10. Part of the appeal of luxury homes, especially in the Hamptons, is a sense of seclusion and exclusivity. If your property has a deep setback, tall hedges, or ample foliage, highlight these in your listing to attract homebuyers who want utmost privacy in their homes. If needed, invest in improvements to enhance a secluded feel.

If you can, avoid selling when construction and development activity is going on nearby. This can create noise and disruption, which some buyers may find distracting and intrusive.

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