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5 tips on how to choose the best rental vacation homes

5 tips

A blissful vacation wouldn’t be complete if you don’t have the perfect vacation rental for it. Thankfully, I’ve got a couple of tips up my sleeve to help you find the vacation pad of your dreams.

  1. List down the features and amenities you’re looking for.

    Having a rough idea of what you want in your vacation rental can significantly narrow down the search. I suggest dividing these features into two separate categories: “essentials” and “negotiables”. This way you’ll easily be able to move on to the next vacation rental on your list in case you come across a property that doesn’t feature your must-have amenities.

  2. Survey the location.

    The location is more than where the vacation rental is situated. It’s also considering factors such as nearby amenities and facilities available, the popularity of the place, and its accessibility. You don’t want to end up in a tourist destination if you want remote peace and solitude. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to end up in the middle of nowhere if you want to be near attractions and other conveniences.

  3. Read and examine the description carefully.

    description. That includes its location, features and amenities available, and other terms and conditions. Aside from helping you determine whether this vacation rental is the one, it helps set realistic expectations of the property. If a certain feature was mentioned or highlighted but is missing from the property, you’ll be confident to put up a note or approach the owner about it.

    Some booking sites allow property owners to include house rules and the contract in the description. If available, carefully review to prevent any disputes during your vacation.

  4. Check out the reviews.

    One way to guarantee whether the property is exactly is it’s described is by taking time to go through the reviews. Check out the photos posted as well, and compare it to the official pictures.

    When it comes to reviews, The more consistent the praises the better. One bad review shouldn’t discourage you from renting the property. If one or two (or more) complaints are recurring, then it’s time to think twice about renting the property or abandon the idea of booking it altogether.

    Some vacation rental websites also include reviews of the property owners themselves. It definitely pays to know a thing or two about who you’re renting from, especially in terms of what it’s like to do business with them.

  5. Book ahead of time.

    If you want to snatch up the best vacation rental that suits your needs in a lower price, booking ahead is the way to go. Some rental websites like Airbnb offer lower rates if the property is booked several weeks or even months ahead. If you’re traveling on a particularly busy season, booking ahead allows you find and book the perfect vacation rental and beat the competition.

    When you do book ahead of time, check flexibility options in case of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies. Vacation rentals have different stipulations for refunds, so it pays to know what the terms are in case of emergencies.

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